About Story Wealth Management
Story Wealth Management are a boutique firm, with an award winning team of highly-skilled financial planners, and a close-knit support team based in Hawthorn. We are united in our concern for our clients’ financial wellbeing, and a desire to help them create the life they want.
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About Story Wealth Management

Story Wealth Management…

Because With Financial Planning (Like So Many Other Areas of Life)

The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of The Parts!

Story Wealth, with our award-winning team of financial planners combines a wealth of financial and market knowledge, extensive experience, and a genuine interest and concern for our clients to help you achieve your financial goals and outcomes.


Clear Process, Individual Plans & Solutions

Your circumstances are unique. Your hopes and dreams are unique. Your financial roadmap to the future should reflect your individuality, too!

At Story Wealth our plans reflect who you are and our clear process is designed to draw that out. The truth is, your age, expectations, health, and every aspect of your circumstances need to be considered as a whole so that we can design a plan that works for you. We work with your accountant and other advisors to ensure that we have a complete picture of your financial position, we listen to what you tell us, and we create a plan that lets you enjoy life now, and look forward to the future.

We specialise in providing advice and assistance with wealth creation and management for those looking to retire and seeking a personalised financial plan and assistance to help you achieve your goals.

Our experienced team provide comprehensive professional assistance with your financial strategy, ongoing asset management, and other aspects of wealth creation and protection including:

  • Pre-retirement Financial Structure and Planning
  • Ensuring a Comfortable Income During Retirement
  • Superannuation and Estate Planning
  • Risk and Life Insurance

For most of our clients, financial planning is far more than simply planning for a comfortable retirement, and taking care of their family. It’s about enjoying life today, creating experiences, and having confidence that tomorrow will be even better.

At Story Wealth Management, we have the credentials, the experience, the support, … and we also have an impressive string of awards to prove that we deliver results!

Our reputation and awards are due to the:-

  • Genuine interest we take in you and your goals;
  • Discovery and planning process we go through with you;
  • Strong focus on education so that you can make informed financial decisions;
  • Time and effort we put into creating the financial strategies that will help you reach your goals;
  • Ongoing communication about the economy in general and your financial position in particular;
  • Willingness to challenge your assumptions and spending habits to help you achieve your goals;
  • Focus on medium to high income professionals who are keen to provide for their future needs, including planning for their retirement.

“Our clients are not just names on files, they are people with hopes and dreams that we can help them realise.”

Anne Graham, Director Story Wealth Management

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