Frequently Asked Questions
Story Wealth Management are a boutique firm, with an award winning team of highly-skilled financial planners, and a close-knit support team based in Hawthorn. We are united in our concern for our clients’ financial wellbeing, and a desire to help them create the life they want.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Story Wealth
Asked Questions

If you have any further questions,
please use our contact form
or call our office on
03 8560 3188 to enquire.

What happens in the initial consultation?

This is a ‘getting to know you’ session for both parties. We only work with clients to whom we can add value and who trust us to do so. We will discuss your hopes, goals, and circumstances as well as our financial planning philosophy and process. We encourage you to ask any questions about financial planning in general, and Story Wealth in particular.

What should I bring to the initial consultation?

In addition to our 2 complete questionnaires, the more information you can bring to this meeting the more effective our advice will be. Ideally you will bring a list of your assets and obligations, your budget, and other relevant financial statements (eg. Superannuation statements, insurance documents, investment details, etc.)

How long will my first appointment take?

Your first appointment will take up to 1.5 hours as it forms the basis for your understanding of who we are and what we offer, and our understanding of what you want and whether we can add value.

What fees do you charge for your services?

Other fees include:

  • Initial consultations are charged at a flat rate of $330;
  • Plan Preparation Fee – once we understand your goals and circumstances we will quote the fixed fee required to prepare your Statement of Advice;
  • Implementation Fee – this covers the implementation of your financial strategy and is dependent on the strategy we recommend. All components of your fee will be specified (including any payments we receive from providers recommended to you);
  • Ongoing Advice Service Fee – depending on the ongoing advice service you require we will discuss and agree on your fixed annual fee.
How will I know exactly what services you provide?

The Ongoing Advice Service Agreement (sent out after you agree to proceed with your plan) will outline and explain the specific services we will provide during the year.

Are you a member of any professional bodies?

All of our financial planners are members of the Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA) and are bound by a code of ethics and high professional standards over and above that required by law.

“Our clients are not just names on files, they are people with hopes and dreams that we can help them realise.”

Anne Graham