Services Offered – Asset Allocation Advice
Story Wealth Management are a boutique firm, with an award winning team of highly-skilled financial planners, and a close-knit support team based in Hawthorn. We are united in our concern for our clients’ financial wellbeing, and a desire to help them create the life they want.
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Services Offered – Asset Allocation Advice

Asset Allocation Advice

One of the most important considerations for a successful investment strategy is the Asset Allocation of a portfolio. The asset allocation of your portfolio will be the main determinant of the returns you can achieve and the associated risk. Whether you are a high income earner aiming to maximise the growth in your portfolio, a business owner seeking a diversified portfolio independent of your business assets, or a retiree requiring security of income against the corrosive effects of inflation – we can help you select an appropriate asset allocation. This asset allocation is designed to help you:

  • Achieve your personal objectives
  • Minimise tax
  • Provide opportunities for growth
  • Control risk
  • Keep informed and in control

At Story Wealth we build asset allocation recommendations on a disciplined platform of comprehensive research and risk and return analysis We also consider issues such as tax-efficiency, income requirements, growth potential and market trends. Most importantly the asset allocation will try to reflect the lifestyle outcome you are seeking to achieve from your portfolio. As a client, we tailor the advice to you and recommend the establishment of long term Strategic Asset Allocations based on your individual financial needs and objectives, your preferences and an assessment of your risk profile. A risk profile tests your willingness to withstand capital volatility in relations to return expectations.

We will generally recommend that investments are made through a portfolio of leading sector-specialist managed funds, using local and international managers. However depending on your requirements direct investments such as listed equities may also be utilised. Once a portfolio is established, we continue to provide you with pro-active advice on your portfolio on a regular basis.

Our reviews not only provide a succinct commentary and full review of the investments in your portfolio, but advice on recommended changes, opportunities, risks or any other fine-tuning that may be required. The Asset Allocation of your portfolio is also discussed with you at regular meetings with your personal adviser to ensure it remains appropriate. We are committed to keeping you up to date with current financial issues via client seminars featuring professional presenters, newsletters and detailed on-line information.