Anne Graham wins AFA Excellence in Education Award
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Anne Graham wins AFA Excellence in Education Award

Anne Graham wins AFA Excellence in Education Award

We are thrilled to announce that Anne Graham has recently been named the National Winner of the 2013 AFA Excellence in Education Award. This follows from an earlier announcement of Anne being nominated for the State award in July this year. This award recognises advisers’ commitment to professionalism and lifelong learning in the Finance industry.

Head of Campus AFA, Nick Hakes said ‘Anne has demonstrated her ability to take what she has learned, both through theory and practice, and transfer this knowledge into practical solutions for her business, her clients and also herself. This was a real standout. We admire Anne’s belief that ongoing education not only allows advisers to improve the technical advice they provide to clients but it also contributes to raising the professional standards within the advice community. The AFA Excellence in Education award captures the essential elements of professionalism: a combination of education, attitude, behavior and standards. We know consumers value highly educated advisers and this award demonstrates the direct link between investment in education and professional credibility’.

For more information regarding the award, please visit the AFA website:

The team at Sigma Wealth are very proud of Anne’s achievements, only weeks ago she was awarded the Victorian FPA CFP® Professional Best Practice Award.

We look forward to continuing to provide great advice and service to our clients.