April 2017- Knowledge Centre Newsletter
Story Wealth Management are a boutique firm, with an award winning team of highly-skilled financial planners, and a close-knit support team based in Hawthorn. We are united in our concern for our clients’ financial wellbeing, and a desire to help them create the life they want.
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April 2017- Knowledge Centre Newsletter

April 2017- Knowledge Centre Newsletter

Welcome to the April 2017 Edition of our Knowledge Centre Newsletter. If you don’t have access to our Knowledge Centre or if you have forgotten your password, please contact us.

Small Business CFT Concessions
If you are considering selling a small business or the assets it uses, you may be eligible for a range of CGT concessions to help reduce the capital gains tax associated with the sale. We discuss the several concessions that may be available to you. Read more…

What is Negative Gearing?
Negative gearing is a wealth accumulation strategy that often also aims to minimise tax. In this animation, we demonstrate what negative gearing is and several of the important considerations around utilising this strategy for wealth creation. Launch video…

Exploring Goals-Based Investing
The foundation of goals-based investing lies in ensuring that there is alignment between your financial goals and objectives, tolerance for risk and the way your investment portfolio is ultimately invested. We explore this in a little more detail. Read more…

Aged Care Services: Commonwealth Home Support Programme
For the majority of people, being able to live independently in your home as you age is what you want, but the reality is that sometimes you may need some help. In this article, we focus on the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. Read more…

Judson Brewer: A Simple Way to Break a Bad Habit
For some of us, our bad habits may be put down to a simple case of, “We are what we repeatedly do”. This video may have an answer to breaking those habits through ‘mindfulness’. Launch video…

Savings Goal Calculator – How Long to Save
When it comes to a savings goal, a question we often ask is, ‘How long will it take to reach my savings goal given my current account balance, interest being earnt and regular contributions?’ Our new calculator may just be the answer to the question you have been looking for. Launch calculator…