November 2015 – Knowledge Centre Newsletter
Story Wealth Management are a boutique firm, with an award winning team of highly-skilled financial planners, and a close-knit support team based in Hawthorn. We are united in our concern for our clients’ financial wellbeing, and a desire to help them create the life they want.
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November 2015 – Knowledge Centre Newsletter

November 2015 – Knowledge Centre Newsletter

Welcome to the November 2015 Edition of our Knowledge Centre Newsletter. If you don’t have access to our Knowledge Centre or if you have forgotten your password, please contact us.

Retirement Living – more than meets the eye
These days there are many different ways people can change their living situation as they get older. Are you thinking about your next move? Explore the different options that might be suitable to you. Read more…

Changes to the Pension Assets Test
Do you know about the upcoming changes to the Pension Assets Test? Find out more about what to expect in our short video. Launch Video…

Don’t take a gamble: put a plan in place
With so many decisions to make in life, we often forget to plan. But certain events are too important to gamble with – have you planned for the things that matter? Read more…

Holiday Finances – Six Ways to Help You Save
The holidays are nearly here! Maybe you’re planning a getaway? Make sure you get the most out of your budget too – here are some ideas to help you out at this time of year. Read more…

Experimenting with the Past and the Future
This month we’re sharing an interesting experiment on perception versus reality. We hope you enjoy this short video. You might be surprised at the outcome! Launch video…

Credit Card Calculator
This calculator allows you to see how long it will take to pay off your credit card by paying the minimum repayment versus making higher repayments. Launch Calculator…