Securitor’s 2015 Victorian Adviser of the Year Award
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Securitor’s 2015 Victorian Adviser of the Year Award

Securitor’s 2015 Victorian Adviser of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce that Anne Graham has been named Securitor’s Financial Adviser of the Year, Victoria 2015, another great achievement for Anne and the team.

Anne is a multi-award winning Adviser, having been recognised by her clients, work colleagues and industry peers for not only her dedication to her client but also all the extra work that Anne does mentoring others in the profession. We sat down with Anne and asked her a few key questions, to learn what this recent achievement means to her.

Securitor's Victorian Adviser of the Year - 2015

Anne Graham – Securitor’s 2015 Victorian Adviser of the Year

1. What does it mean to you, to be awarded this title?
It’s fabulous to be recognized by my peers, clients and others in the profession for doing what I love. It confirms we are on the right track.

2. How does this achievement manifest what you do in your business everyday?
The award process makes you review and think about what you do (and have done) and gives you the opportunity to reflect and re-assess. You think you’re meeting the needs of your clients, team and profession but winning the award provides you with that external confirmation and gives you confidence. Knowing the calibre of advisers eligible to enter the award and the professionalism in the group makes the acknowledgement more meaningful. As far as our everyday work is concerned the validation gives us the confidence to keep doing what we’re doing and it also gives confidence to our clients that they are working with the right people.

3. What advice do you have to others about reaching the pinnacle of their industry/profession or similar?
It’s important to really enjoy what you do and to feel you make a difference. You’re never too old to learn and learning can take many forms – formal, on the job, Professional Development, networking with peers. Be generous and supportive and share your knowledge with others – it doesn’t cost anything and you can have a positive impact on those around you. Maintain a sense of curiosity and never assume you know everything. And finally, a sense of humour never goes astray.

After an extensive process including in depth questioning about the level of education and experience Anne has, to her compliance rating and business practices, community involvement, external references and client surveys by independent companies, Mark Fisher, acting MD of Securitor noted that Anne’s passion and enthusiasm for financial planning is clearly evident in all that she does.

Anne is now part of the finalist panel and will once again undergo rigorous questioning and judging by a panel of experts before the National Financial Adviser of the year is awarded in July. We wish Anne well in this final stage.

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